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It tends to be one most young boys dreams to become a racing driver. The dream of driving as fast as you can and winning a race is a common one amongst children, and while for most they won't be able to fully realise this dream of being a fully-fledged racing driver, they can experience some of this magic by going go karting.

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Where To Go Go Karting

When trying to find somewhere to go go karting, you will want to make sure they chosen location has got good reviews from previous experiences and can also offer a safe, buy fun experience, especially for those who are taking children.

While Go Karting is a fun experience and should be enjoyed by all those who take part, it is also important to stay safe and keep in mind the safety instructions given to you by the experts. This is so you can have a fun and enjoyable day out, without having worrying about your own safety.

If  you're looking for a midlands go karting experience then Midlands Karting could be the place for you. With 17 years of experience under their belts, they can provide you with the best possible experience for an go karting outing.

Team Assignment

Midlands Karting, like a lot of other go karting places, offers a 'Endurance' style event. These events are designed to test teams and friendships as the events can last for up to 3 hours, with pit stops and driver changes included, just like Le Mans style racing. These events are supposed to be a mix of Stamina, Skill and pure Speed. The events are so long that in order to stay on top, you'll have to make sure your team is ready to drive consistently and quickly.

If these sound too daunting, then there are numerous 'Arrive & Drive' events that go on throughout the year and let any number of drivers to turn up and race.


If you're still interested having a Go-Karting experience in Birmingham, then make sure you check out Midlands Karting for your karting needs.